SL9B Remarks

SL9B - Second Life’s 9th Birthday Exhibit, is here and gone. The 2nd birthday exhibit not sponsored by the creators of the Second Life Virtual World, Linden Lab.

Rather, the event was run by a group of dedicated customers.

Wading through lag to explore, resorting to sim-to-sim teleports rather than biting the bullet and play sim crossing roulette. Still quite unpredictable whether you are going to make it onto a new sim or not; either you successfully cross into the new destination sim or you get disconnected after a minute or two.

Over 200 exhibits and 95 snapshots. Roughly 2-5 exhibits inbetween snapshots.

Nice to see someone (Crap Mariner) organise an impromptu little get-together on one of the semi-neglected exhibits. Around 30 people - mostly SL9B Volunteers, in a somewhat cramped train, a train going nowhere. Also the backdrop to one of Crap’s 'angel of death' SL9B promo videos.

The suggestions I submitted for the next Second Life Birthday Exhibit, provided that Linden Lab are going to delegate the event to its customers again:

  • Name/Author clearly visible on each and every exhibit
  • Themed exhibitions grouped by build height. Including Adult orientated sims!
  • Moving away from a square grid exhibition layout
  • Navigation Maps, like in amusement parks and SL Shopping Malls
  • Activities/concerts for the entire duration of the exhibits, rather than having them abruptly end after the first week

Hopefully the next SLB team will implement a few of my suggestions, if not all.


Burning Life ‘11

Favourite snapshots from BURN2 (Burning Life) 2011


Sad Farewell - Kirstens Viewer

KirstenLee Cinquetti has ceased development of Kirstens Viewer, citing that his SL/RL Partner, Dawny Daviau, is very ill and that Kirsten can’t continue to work on his bleeding edge viewer and tend to his partner at the same time.

Quoting KirstenLee:

You may have noticed that the client has not been updated in some time. Sadly Real Life events have taken an unfortunate turn which basically puts an end to any more development.
The Plans for S22 have been shelved and the project has been marked as discontinued.


Dawny has been very Ill, and had to stop working. As you can imagine my priority is to support her in any way possible and that means I have to become the main bread winner, as much as I enjoy working on the client it’s obviously the first thing to go.


I would like to wish everyone who has supported the project over the years, a huge hug and many thanks, Jabba, Altair and all the people who have put up with my ranting and raving and unusual colour choices in UI. :)

Who knows what the future holds! But for now Kirstens Viewer goes into a deep sleep.

Presses the Shut Down button, Drives spin down, silence……….

Sad to see another third-party SL viewer dev retiring, especially since Kirstens Viewer was (and still is, for the time being) my favourite Second Life viewer.

Best wishes to KirstenLee and Dawny. Hopefully Dawny will get better in the near future and Kirsten can begin working on his bleeding-edge SL viewer again.


Second Life is a Dating service now?

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