IOGraph - 53 minutes of PC use

IOGraph - 53 minutes of PC use


Valve’s square OS X dock icon - eyesore!


Concurrency levels are almost back to where they were in December 2009, which indicates the 2010 Q1 boom is/was fruitless, overall.

In-world businesses, sim owners etc continue to either downsize their business or cash out completely.

Friendly/Social places of 2006-2008 are slowly dying. Oldbies moving out, Zealous, bored-to-death newcomers with absolutely no knowledge of history moving in. Friendly individuals looking out for each other to a bored-to-death ‘hivemind’ setting.

Who/Where does the fault lie? Linden Lab? Oldbie customers? Bloggers? New customers? Real Life Economy?

History is Taboo to some individuals - especially hardcore Linden supporters. So what? The answers all lie in history - Lab’s history and Customer’s vast histories.


Quit Social Networking sites and Go Black Market? No Thanks.

A few Privacy advocates on a few websites (and occasional tantrum-throwers, like famous Tech reporter Leo Laporte) reckons that we should all delete our Facebook [Social Networking] accounts and switch to some underground TOR-like network like Diaspora, which is being developed by four attention-seeking NY University graduates.  

Neat solution? Don’t think so. Underground, TOR-like networks are bound to gather more Griefers, Hecklers, Cultists and Terrorists. Criminals. Especially if they’re designed and maintained by attention-seeking wannabes. Those four are just too inexperienced in *everything* - Life, Constructs of Society, Historical movements etc to successfully design and implement such a complex-simple-simple-complex system, without attracting rouges, hecklers and Griefers.  

Not to mention, those four wannabe NYU graduates do not represent the views of every single internet/social networking consumer.

Reminds me of jcool410 and his rouge data-mining “open source” SL Viewer and Linden Lab’s ‘Avatars United’ experiment acquisition - I don’t use Emerald and I don’t use Linden’s AU. Probably won’t be sprinkling my food with the four attention-seeking wannabe’s Open Sauce offering, either. IF it ever materializes, that is! 

Really worried about on-line Privacy? Don’t share sensitive information via the Internet. Use snail mail. And so on :-)


The Major Dependancy of Open Source Movements

via Facebook/Doubledown_inSL

FOSS (100% Free Open Source) can’t survive without the funding (and attention) from leading “Closed Source” companies like Apple, despite what people like Coca S thinks. Not to mention all the innovation coming out from “Closed Source” corporations like AMD, Intel, nVidia, Apple and MSFT.

"Open Source" projects have a similar structure as its’ closed-source relatives: The ‘management’ making the decision for all the workers. However, you’re expected to work for virtually nothing when participating in FOSS projects, meaning you can’t work full-time as a FOSS developer and pay your bills at the same time. Unless someone decides to sponsor you with their own hard-earned cash.

Self-funded “Open Source” projects, like Inkscape, take years to and years to become useful, with hardly anyone being able to donate. FOSS projects like Firefox and Chrome are able to match the development speeds of their closed-source relatives and release new iterations of their projects quite quickly, only because the projects are directly sponsored by megarich corps like Google and Apple.

The 100% pure FOSS shills are hampering real creativity and innovation with the needless bashing of successful and innovative closed-source companies like Apple. Without closed-source, “open source” probably won’t be able to survive, at all.